Origins 1971

Original Italian passion.

Origins 1971 is a new project with deep roots.
It is born of experience and development at Palma, a major Italian chair manufacturer, which was transformed from a small craft workshop into a large modern company without losing the original passion.
It takes its shape from an ecosustainable process which starts with selection of the wood in certified forests up to the finished product, through all phases of manufacture, from the semi-finished product to the finishes.
A design and production process which involves over 200 staff members and ensures total quality control and also total versatility thanks to use of the latest technologies.
It expresses the aesthetic and emotive values of wood, a warm and living material, in an idiom which is both sophisticated and direct and which draws on many cultures and traditions, yet still remains universal.
An idea developed with enthusiasm, creativity and capability to create a world of possible interiors.

One Idea, Many Ideas.

Origins 1971 is a versatile and flexible tool for furnishing any room, from contract to residential, in line with every design, context and aspiration.
A complete range of chairs, small armchairs, stools, armchairs of all sizes and sofas which share the solid basic technical concepts, designed to allow the most widely differing variations on the seating theme.
By choosing from among different shapes, colours and types of upholstery each one can create their own ideal solution, virtually without limits.
All this with a style which interprets the original meaning of seating as an item of furniture, a presence which is not an end in itself but able to meet specific needs with elegant and fully researched simplicity.

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